“After 2 weeks of applying the cream to my eyelids, the eczema has subsided drastically and it is not as itchy or inflamed as it once was. NOTE: Before using the Alivea Cream I tried a prescription medication (just for the eye area) for over 2 months, on and off, and it never went away. Both the Alivea and the prescription ointment kept the eczema from worsening but the Alivea worked faster and reduced the itch and redness more so than the ointment. I would much prefer to use an all-natural product over a prescription medication at all costs, particularly around my eyes and especially if they produce similar results.” –Eczema Contagious

“I was invited to a pool party over the 4th of July weekend. I am pretty sun conscious, so I didn’t burn but I did tan. But soaking all day long in the chlorine left my skin feeling a bit dry, so when I got home I applied some of this after showering. It really helped rehydrate my skin.” –The Beauty Edge

“As expected the cream is hydrating and with the combination of the beeswax, not at all greasy. I’ve used olive oil in my hair so I know how messy it can get, this is nice alternative. Alivea can also be used on the entire body including your face because the ingredients won’t clog your pores. The cream feels so good on my dry skin that its now a staple in my gym bag!” –Lipstick & Luxury

“My oldest son has eczema and since Alivea is all-natural and chemical-free, I feel completely comfortable using the cream on his skin. His skin tends to dry out the most in the fall and winter so I am going to keep this cream on hand to keep him from scratching dry areas and reduce (or eliminate!) the need for a steroidal prescription cream!” –Lynchburg Coupon Mama

“I also like how long lasting Alivea is. It can be used as a daily moisturizer, and as an anti aging product, as well as on sun or wind burn, I have applied it to other areas of rough skin, such as the elbow and I have been pleased with how my skin is smoother and softer after use.” –Sweet Silly Sarah