Alivea Cream 200ml

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Alivea Cream 100ml

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An All-Natural Skin Soothing Cream

Let your skin soak in the goodness that nature intended, not some chemical that a skincare company produced in a lab “to make you look beautiful.” You don’t need chemicals or unnatural, unsafe chemicals to look and feel great. You can use Alivea instead. Alivea contains only three ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, and water.  Our recipe is simple, because it doesn’t have to be complicated. The cream, made up of all-natural, powerful components, will hydrate your skin, protect against free radicals, promote healing, and, best of all, soothe your skin.

Alivea for Sunburn Relief

Alivea works well as a daily moisturizer, as an anti-aging cream, to help treat eczema, and much more. But that’s not what we’re most excited about. Our family-run business wants you to know about Alivea’s powerful sunburn relief qualities…the rest is just extra.

The hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties of Alivea will instantly sooth sunburned skin and increase recovery time. Whether you have a ski trip planned or a day at the beach planned, don’t walk out the door without Alivea in your bag. It will help to heal your skin after a day in the sunshine.