December 8th, 2012 | admin

Your New Year’s Resolution Plan: Better Skincare!


If you’re like me, you take your New Year’s resolutions seriously. I come up with a themed goal (something general) every year and then take little steps to achieve that goal throughout the year. That’s way easier than focusing on one big and seemingly insurmountable goal.

As you might guess, better skincare is often a resolution of mine. What about you? Are you ready to treat your skin, your body’s biggest organ, the best way you can? If so, join me in making 2013 my skin’s best year yet.

Short, cool showers followed by immediate moisturization.

Did you know that hot showers and long showers strip the skin of vital oils? If you want your skin to stay nice and supple, re-consider frequent, hot, and long showers and always apply lotion right after stepping out of the shower. Oh, and pat yourself dry. Don’t rub too hard with the towel.

Wear sunscreen daily.

Doctors and dermatologists both recommend wearing at least SPF 30 every day. I like to use a facial moisturizer that contains SPF and then I am extra careful to cover my ears and hands, too. SPF isn’t only about preventing cancer. It’s also about preventing wrinkles and age spots.

Choose a night time cream that seals in moisture.

There’s no need to wear a moisturizer with SPF before you go to bed, so choose a different cream for the night time. I like to use heavier creams to really lock in that moisture. As you might guess, my favorite is Alivea. It’s the perfect night cream.

Don’t wear makeup overnight.

Leaving makeup on too long can clog pores and leave your skin looking dull. Enough said.

Exfoliate your skin twice a week.

As time goes by, skin cells dry out and die. A gentle exfoliant will contain “beads” that rub off the dry and flakey skin. Exfoliate twice a week.

Don’t touch your face with your hands.

Wash your hands regularly and keep your hands off your face as much as possible.

Get more sleep!

Did you know that sleep does more than refresh us for the coming day? A lack of sleep can cause weight gain as well as bad skin.

How do you care for your skin?